Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New loan modification program from Freddie Mac

There may be hope for those that have tried for a loan modification without success.  Freddie mac has announced that they will have a program for modifying delinquent borrower's mortgages for those that have tried, and failed prior modifications, and also for those that do not qualify for the HAMP program.
I have heard of lots of talk of loan modification programs, but I am always hopeful that the idea of permanent loan modification for troubled borrowers could become commonplace.  This new modification program is set to begin in January.  
To find out if you have a Freddie Mac loan to be eligible, check out their loan look up tool, here you can find out if Freddie mac owns your mortgage.
In the hundred plus short sales that I have helped sell for customers here in Sarasota and Bradenton, I would estimate that more than half had tried, unsuccessfully, to modify their mortgage.  They typically call me when they reach a point of frustration dealing with all the paperwork that needs to be submitted, and the slow process.  Usually only to find out that they do not qualify.
In the Freddie Mac program the borrower must be at least 60 days past due.  The mortgages that are modified will have the interest rate set to 5% and have the term of the loan extended to 40 years.  What help make this program work is that Freddie Mac will offer cash incentives up to 1,600 dollars for each approved modification.  That's cash to the lender/investor.  Giving the lender a financial incentive to modify just make the difference.
One other interesting points to the program is that being 'owner occupied" is not a requirement for the program, so this can potentially help investors that own rental properties obtain a modifications as well.  usually being not a primary residence disqualifies a loan for modification,
Once the borrower is approved for the modification, they will be in a 3 month trial process, and if they can keep their payments current, the modification becomes permanent.  I have heard from many people that have had a modification and a trial payment period find out that at the end of the trial the loan modification was not approved, usually without a concrete answer as to why. 
Here in Sarasota and Bradenton we have almost half of all homeowners underwater owing more than their home's value.  There are over 16,000 active foreclosures on the market in just Manatee county.  That does not even take into account the properties that are delinquent, and not yet into the foreclosure pipeline.  Hopefully this new Freddie Mac Loan modification program will be able to help home owners here in Sarasota and Manatee counties avoid foreclosure, or having to short sale properties that they would rather keep. 
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